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4 Things I Learned at digitalsummit Dallas 2017

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I just wrapped up with digitalsummit Dallas 2017. After taking in 15 speakers, each bubbling over with terrific insights into current digital marketing trends and know-how, I have used the past few days to review all of the valuable information I collected.

As always, I feel energized when coming away from such a hotbed of influential thinking. Here are a few of the ideas from my notes that tickled my motivation center.

  1. If you want to generate word-of-mouth for your brand, you have to be different not merely better. As humans, we are wired to discuss what is different and ignore average. –Jay Baer
  2. To be successful with your online content strategy, focus 60% of your effort on outreach and 40% on content creation. –Ashley Ward (SEMrush)
  3. When posting on social media, ask yourself if you yourself would interact with what you’re posting. If not, why are you doing it? – Caitlin Moyer (Milwaukee Brewers)
  4. The more marketers try to tell their audience something, the less that audience will believe it. –Leo Applebaum (The Patrón Spirits Company)

Note: The points above are paraphrased from the speakers’ presentations.


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