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7 Things I Love About Copywriting

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  1. Being surprised constantly by the magic that comes with putting words together in new ways.
  2. The abstractness. Every tool is essentially in the mind. It’s all thought. You don’t even need paper and pencil; those are just output devices.
  3. The gradual process of moving from logical business objectives to the emotion of creative language.
  4. Telling a story – a collaborative tradition between teller and listener I believe is encoded in our collective DNA.
  5. How, at one point on the process continuum, one often must enter a period of pure silliness to reach a point of pure magic.
  6. The idea of getting someone I‘ve never met intrigued, laughing, concerned and/or excited. This accepted connection between strangers.
  7. The rhythm of words and thought. Rhythm – another concept ingrained indelibly within our primordial instincts.

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