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Foxworth Agency Inc. Ltd.

Telling You What You Want to Hear Since 2008


Foxworth Agency Inc. Ltd. may not be real, but since when did we let reality have any bearing on reality? Here’s what some F.A.I.L. employees had to say about advertising.


“Sooner is always better. Even when it’s not asked for. It makes the client happy. Granted, we’re not going to win any awards, and, okay, our creatives don’t get a lot of sleep, but at least our clients have the satisfaction of knowing that our advertising work is ready to be reviewed whenever they get to it. Probably next week, because honestly, they weren’t really expecting it until then.”

Meaghan St. John

Account Executive


“I think one of our favorite client relationships are with micro-managers. I find that our designers – who went to four years of design school and have years of design experience – perform much better when clients provide their spontaneous opinions on color selection and the placement of design elements down to the pixel.”

Adrian Maxwell

Account Director


“Sometimes our clients want a serif font. Obviously, they’re joking. But we use as much ridicule as possible in these scenarios, just in case.”

Hannah Cooper

Creative Director


“We don’t build websites. They’re so 2005. We create interactive experiences. I mean, yes, people do come to us for an online presence, but we avoid the use of URLs whenever possible. We feel such outdated conventions get in the way of the brand experience.”

Dylan Gower

Strategy Director


“The more negative space the better, really. We once did an ad with a single period. Off to one side, of course. I forget what it was advertising, mainly because we didn’t use a logo or words really, but the ad attracted a lot of attention.”

Alex Chen

Art Director


“Really, advertising is synonymous with copying. We call it borrowing. There are only like five advertising ideas total, so how can we help it, if someone else got there first. Clients don’t really come to us for originality anyway. They see some R/GA ad and say, ‘We want something like that.’ Stealing ideas is just good business.”

Josh Clayworth



“Yes, we know it’s a terrible idea. But this client likes terrible ideas. So, we go with it.”

Sasha Ward

Client Services Director



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