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Content Strategy: Part 2 (Types of High-Performing Content)

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When first developing your content strategy, review the key types of content and consider which combination of content will work best for your brand. Below are some of the top forms of content to consider. But this is by no means an exhaustive list.

  1. Video: Currently, no other content type is out-performing short-form video (although it may depend on your market). The audience for video online and on mobile devices cuts across all age groups. Brands that use video marketing build brand awareness and get more leads than brands that do not.
  2. Blog: Maintaining a consistent schedule of blog posts can help strengthen your search engine results, allow you to build expert authority over time and provide you a wealth of content for repurposing.
  3. Article: Articles allow you to get your brand into places outside of your usual publishing platform. Other content curators on the web are hungry for good content, and you can be there with your articles, which provide value while also featuring your brand (at least in part).
  4. Infographic: Not only are infographics a great way to convey a series of facts and figures in an easily digestible format, they are also highly shareable (and that’s they holy grail of content marketing, really).
  5. Case Study: As in-depth studies of scenarios you want to highlight, case studies are also an opportunity to offer proof of your company’s expertise or methods. They can be an excellent sales tool.
  6. Ebook: The reason audiences are willing to give up their contact information for an ebook is due to their value. Most ebooks are 30 pages are less but pack a lot of value into those pages. Mine your blog posts for the beginnings of your next ebook.
  7. Social Media Post: This one deserves its own article, but suffice it to say, a well-thought-out and consistent strategy for social media posts can dramatically improve your brand awareness.
  8. White Paper: Like case studies, white papers are a great way to strengthen your authority as an expert in your field. You want your customers sharing these, so like the ebook, be sure you’re providing value in the content.
  9. Podcast: Podcasts have one advantage over all the other content types in this list – your audience can listen to them on their commute. Once your target audience gets to her desk, there are a hundred items competing for her attention. But not in the car.

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