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Brand Manifesto

Discovering the Brand Manifesto

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The elusive brand manifesto. In this post I talk about what exactly a brand manifesto is and why your business might want one.

What Exactly Is a Brand Manifesto?

A brand manifesto goes beyond your mission and vision statements and addresses the emotional why behind your brand. When someone reads your manifesto, you want them to immediately understand what your brand stands for. More than that, a manifesto should inspire and motivate. It should make you think.

Sometimes external, always internal, your brand manifesto needs to be steeped in authenticity. Internal stakeholders should feel a strong resonance with your brand manifesto.

Key Elements for Your Brand Manifesto

When crafting your brand manifesto, use these key concepts to guide your efforts:

  • Use a tone that matches the spirit of your brand. The same goes for your word choices.
  • Incorporate or allude to your brand’s cultural differentiators.
  • Don’t base it on trends. A lot of manifestos sound the same and over-promise. Instead let the uniqueness of your institution drive your manifesto with authenticity.
  • Consider what gives your company meaning.
  • Consider what you want your brand’s legacy to be.
  • Do you want your company to change the world? How?


Why Have a Brand Manifesto?

I can think of four great reasons for having a brand manifesto:

  1. Inspire your staff and build a stronger culture around the central ideas that drive your business.
  2. Attract talent.
  3. Build loyal customers with the authenticity and passion.
  4. Make your brand stand out from the competition.

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