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Getting Perspective After 15 Years in the Ad Business

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Attitudes of a Copy Writer


Some of my work outlook has changed after 15 years of developing concepts and copy in the advertising industry. And some of it hasn’t.


What Hasn’t Changed


End Product: I’ve always been focused on making a great product. Everything else is a means to this end.

Precise Language: If you’ve worked with me, you know, I craft language carefully. Every word has a connotation and a nuance. Every phrase has a rhythm. I care about this stuff. Call it a blessing. Call it a curse.

People: I still value working with people who are a) kind b) innovative and c) adaptable.


What’s Changed


Process: Every organization, every group has a different process, the way they go about getting projects done. It seems there are a hundred different opinions on the best way to brainstorm, monitor projects or review creative. I have mine. You yours. But when I come in for a project, I want to focus on the product, so I adapt quickly to your process. Again, it’s all a means to producing a great product (ideally).

People: If someone I work with is myopic, whether from an innovation standpoint or one of unreasonable expectations, I no longer let it bother me. Can those issues affect me and my work? Sure. But every job has its challenges. The only thing I tend to outright avoid is meanness. Life is too short to work with assholes.

Prestige: While it’s important for me that those I work with understand the value I add to a project, the external praise and awards, or the high profile aspect of a project, while nice perks are less important to me. If you want me to develop a brochure about an internal recycling program that will only be seen by 25 employees, I’m all in. Get ready to make a bad ass recycling brochure.


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