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Is Blog Marketing for Your Company?

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Every company, and their company dog, has a blog these days. Your company needs one too right? Definitely maybe. Read on.

I believe there are three key requirements for effective blog marketing. If you have these, all else will follow. From meta tags to keyword  tracking, everything else is cake.

  1. Your company is honest and open to two-way communication with its consumers.
  2. Your company has the best interest of its consumers in mind.
  3. You have something of value to say.

Let’s break these down.

Regarding points one: Consumers online, or at least a segment of them, tend to have adequate bullshit detectors. If your blog is filled with cover-ups and half-truths, or good old-fashioned insincerity, consumers will know it. And you will be building walls not bridges. Online consumers, for the greater part, respect honesty. The blogosphere is a more informal and forgiving world, as long as folks are honest. If your new toy is choking babies, then own up to it. And assuming your company has made this move to be honest, a marketing blog is a great place to work this out in an open and honest way.

We here at WowzaToys made a grave error in the design for our latest toy, The Little Orangutan™ Backpack. Several children have been injured by the toy when the straps have become tangled during use. We are truly sorry for this. Please return this toy to your nearest WowzaToys store for a full refund and our deepest apologies. In response to this tragic mistake, we are quadrupling the budget for our testing division and giving you our promise to put all future (and current) toys designs through rigorous testing that far surpass industry standards.

Regarding point two: Every company has to make a profit, or they won’t be around for long. But that doesn’t mean you can’t respect your consumers. Respect builds loyalty. And a blog is a great place to bring out that honest, concerned attitude toward your consumers. I would argue the more you respect your consumer, the more successful your business.

Regarding point three: Providing value is probably the number one reason blogs succeed or fail. Don’t start a marketing blog because everyone else has one. Blog because you have value to share. Value comes in many forms, from useful information to an entertaining voice. And value is the only real way to turn first-time visitors into repeat visitors.

I will post additional thoughts on this blog marketing in the future, such as blog marketing methods and ideas you haven’t considered yet. What other blog marketing topics would you like to read about?


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