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The Best Copywriters’ Best Secret*

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You want to know the one thing that all effective copywriters do well that allows them to turn in great ideas and copy again and again?

It’s not a reference source (although those help). It’s not a set of mental exercises (which can also be helpful). A good grasp of the product? A better understanding of the target audience? A focus on the point of differentiation? All great tools.

But no. The answer is so simple you probably already know what it is. But it works, and well. The best copywriters don’t stop after they’ve written the requisite number of concepts or words. They keep going.

Generate More Copy Ideas. And More. A Little More.

These copywriters keep going, generating a dozen, two dozen, three dozen ideas. They come at the problem from a myriad of angles. They’re not afraid to jot ridiculous ideas on the page, because often those are the ideas that spawn the innovative, out-of-the-box idea that will really connect with consumers.

Only after this frenzy of copywriting, do they pare down their work. Because most of it will be junk. Pick out the gems, and polish them to a fine sheen. Present too many copy options and the client will become more engrossed in making a decision than focusing on the strength, and respective merits, of the ideas.

In general, people believe they want more choices, but the reality is different. People are generally happier after deciding between four or fewer options, than they are if they had made their decision from a wider selection. This is because we worry that we missed something, that in focusing on the salient copy points we liked, we fear that we sacrificed something we didn’t notice the first time. With more choices, we instinctively know there’s more room for error.

Another advantage to narrowing the choices down to three to five, is that you very well might have a few decent ideas in your back pocket should the client still be dissatisfied with your stellar copy presentation. “I can see you’re not too excited about these choices, what if we took it in a different direction? What do you think about putting the bun inside the hot dog?”

It’s Not Quantity Over Quality Copy

I’m not saying quantity of copy is more important than quality; I’m saying quantity begets quality. Sure, it’s not uncommon for an experienced copywriter to come up with his best idea first, but how does he know it’s his best idea if he doesn’t generate 20 more? And if the first one was the best one all along, well, practicing one’s craft never hurt anyone.

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